New York City to offer gender neutral option on birth certificates


New York City will now offer option X when designating gender on a birth certificate.

An individual can now legally change their birth certificates to the new gender if they can atest that gender X is their “true gender identity.”

In addition to persons changing their respective gender label later on in life the new law allows for parents to set a newborn’s gender identity to X as well.

New York is not alone when it comes to the newly enacted option; rather, California, Oregon, and Washington have all passed similar laws in recent years.

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  • Give me a break, if the baby has a penis and XY chromosomes it’s a male. If the baby has a vagina and XX chromosomes, it’s a female.

    Case closed.

    All this gender confusion is bull poop.

    Rarely is a human born with both genitalia and then a chromosome test is ran and corrective surgery performed based on which sex the tests show.

    This gender bender nonsense is insane, utterly insane.

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